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Agriculture Association


To ensure and enhance agricultural economic development and activity through communication, education and promotion to consumers, Agribusinesses and public entities.

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Create Public Awareness:
•   Jobs supported by Union county, Ohio, and American agriculture
•   Environmental stewardship supported by agriculture
•   Committed to safe, quality, wholesome products
•   Create awareness of public officials to understand of the special needs of agricultural i.e. equipment transportation, dust, odor,
•   On value of Agribusiness to the community
•   As to sources for factual information.

Agri-Voice for the promotion and protection of Union Co. Agricultural Development:
•   Promote the rich rural heritage and agri-economic development
•   Partner with industry allies to and supportive organizations.
•   Rural representation on Union county chamber legislative committees
•   Encourage opportunities that promote responsible agriculture development.
•   Protect agriculture from mis-information from organizations or government policies that restrict or preclude responsible growth of agriculture.
•   Provide a Union county voice for state and national professional agriculture issues.
•   Protection of agriculture from Agricultural terrorist groups.

•   Promote services available
•   Farm products and services to consumers
•   Promote professional modern farming methods that lower the carbon footprint.
•   Identify opportunities for Agri-Economic Development
•   Encourage local event promotions.

Educate Agribusiness on:
•   Programs available from Chamber of Commerce
•   Employment laws and code changes
•   Update on current tax laws
•   Value added programs
•   Farm Programs and Government development programs
•   Human resources programs and laws
•   Laws affecting Agri-business
•   Services available to local farm businesses.

Agriculture Award

The Purpose of the Union County Agriculture Award is to recognize and honor outstanding contributions to agriculture by individuals and businesses located in Union County.

Annual award recipients will be selected based upon excellence in production agriculture, service, land stewardship and leadership. Those instrumental to the success and excellence of agriculture, either as a farmer or in an agriculturally related field may be considered. We desire to honor and give public recognition to those who have brought distinction to themselves, have made outstanding contributions to their professions, and whose community involvement has served as a stimulus to others.

Download Agriculture Award Nomination Form

Agriculture Directory

Click HERE to download the 2013 Agricultural Directory (PDF)

Farmland Preservation

Currently, Union County is home to thirteen Century Farms:

•   Daniel Bouic Family Farm, 1835
•   Gruenbaum Trust, 1865
•   Norman H. Renner, 1893
•   Roger Geer, 1837
•    Walter Morse, 1838
•   David Huber, 1839
•   Leona Blumenschein, 1839
•    Maxine Gray, 1854
•   Emma Jane Stillings, 1861
•   Thomas Rausch, 1864
•   Larry Nicol, 1891
•   Fred Nicol, 1893
•   Randy Rausch, 1902

If you are interested in applying to be a Century Farm, click here to download the application.


Agricultural Resources are provided by various organizations in Union County and the State of Ohio. For information on these resources, you may contact the Union County Office of The Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Program.

Union County OSU Extension Office & Agricultural Center
18000 SR 4, Suite E
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone #: (937) 644-8117
Fax #: (937) 644-3062

Union County Farm Bureau
18000 SR4, Room 196
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone #: (937) 642-4005
Fax #: (937) 642-4589

Begin Farming Ohio
Agricultural Resources

Ohio Department of Agriculture
8995 E. Main Street
Reynoldsburg, Oh 43068
Phone #: (614) 728-6200

United States Department of Agriculture


Committee Officers

President Wayne Dellinger, OSU Extension

Vice President Dean Cook, Dean Cook Nationwide Insurance

Treasurer Brian Ravencraft, Holbrook & Manter

Secretary Gail Keck

Chamber Ambassadors

Chamber Ambassadors are goodwill emissaries who are strong supporters of the Union County Chamber of Commerce and our community. •These individuals enthusiastically share their interests with business peers to build fellowship and camaraderie. Because peer-to-peer interaction is the backbone of a strong Chamber and community, Chamber Ambassadors help our Chamber reach the “next level”.

While all Chamber members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the multitude of networking and community events conducted by the Chamber, the Ambassadors go the extra mile by:

  • •  Delivering plaques and items of special recognition to deserving businesses/individuals
  • •  Distributing “Welcome Packets” to new businesses
  • •  Regularly attending ribbon cuttings, open houses, and BABs
  • •  Serving as a friendly and familiar face at Chamber functions
  • •  And more!


If you are a supporter of the Chamber of Commerce and our community, and think you have what it takes to be a Chamber Ambassador, please give us a call!


The Industrial Parkway Association (IPA) is an area located south of New California and State Route 42 in Jerome Township. Bordered by US 33 and RT 161 this area contains over 220 businesses along the parkway along with several new housing subdivisions blended into the adjacent farmland.

Due to the close proximity to the City of Dublin and I-270 the area has grown rapidly over the last 15 years and contains a wide range of businesses- automotive services, manufacturing, R&D and retail establishments. Many of the companies have relocated from other parts of central Ohio to the Industrial Parkway corridor where a supportive business environment exists.

The IPA has monthly meetings (2nd Thursday) where the association members discuss current events affecting the parkway area and look for ways to improve the business environment. Many local government representatives attend IPA meetings along with area law enforcement and fire departments officers. The businesses work with the local zoning inspector, zoning board and board of zoning appeals to ensure the quality of development is positive for the township.

The IPA board strives to provide support to the businesses by scheduling a series of presentations each month which touch on important topics for all businesses- HR, accounting, insurance, roadway/utility infrastructure, employee safety and business security to name a few. The board has been successful in procuring food truck services to the parkway area which has been very popular as well as hosting an annual IPA golf outing. 

For more information, please visit


IPA Officers

Aaron Siekmann, The Siekmann Company

Vice President
Carol Scheiderer, UCBDD

Ben Williams, Huntington National Bank

Chris Welker, Reliable Staffing Resources

Kevin Gregory, Union Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.


May 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Minutes
March 2016 Agenda
February 2016 Agenda
January 2016 Agenda

Legislative Committee/Business Impact Breakfast

The Chamber’s Legislative Committee meets monthly to identify legislative matters of interest to Union County businesses.

Committee members research topics/issues and express an opinion pertaining to their impact on a healthy business economy. Besides making recommendations to the Chamber Board of Trustees, they also host monthly Business Impact Breakfasts to update the community on current hot topics, and interact frequently with area legislators to keep Union County on the forefront.


Regionomics – Bill LaFayette – January 26, 2017

Regionomics PowerPoint

Union County 1-26-17 Out

Union County 1-26-17 Data

Marysville Business Association (MBA)

The Marysville Business Association (MBA) provides knowledge, support and networking opportunities for local business people to promote local business growth that will establish a successful, cohesive business community.

The Marysville Business Association meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8 am at The Elks or the Chamber office.

President: Arlene Porter, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Vice-President: Mandy Beecher, Edward Jones
Secretary: Anita Tiller, Memorial Health
Treasurer: Matthew Langhals, Attorney


Plain City Business Association (PCBA)

The Plain City Business Association (PCBA) works for the greater good of the Village and the surrounding areas to help establish a strong business community by providing support, education and leadership.


Visit our Facebook page to stay in the loop!


Dates Meeting Type Location/Sponsor
January 25, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Jon McKanna
TOPIC: What’s Your Plan?
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH
Breakfast Sponsor: Pathways Financial
Raffle Sponsor: Pathways Financial
February 22, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00 am
Keynote speaker: Jason Stanford
TOPIC: Millenials
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave. Plain City, OH 43064Breakfast Sponsor: Plain City Napa
Raffle Sponsor: Plain City Napa
March 22, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Gary Chapman
TOPIC: Jonathan Alder Coalition
Pleasant Valley Fire Department, 650 W. Main St, Plain City, OH
Breakfast Sponsor:Costco Wholesale
Raffle Sponsor:Costco Wholesale
April 26, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Gail Hogan
TOPIC: News Media
Pleasant Valley Fire Department, 650 W. Main St, Plain City, OH
Breakfast Sponsor:Rummell Brill Insurance
Raffle Sponsor:Rummell Brill Insurance
May 24, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Fred Yoder
TOPIC: Agriculture in Plain City
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor:Main St. Treasures
Raffle Sponsor:International Railway Technology
June 28, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Panel Discussion
TOPIC: Generational
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor: Sam’s Club
Raffle Sponsor: Sam’s Club
July 26, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Panel Discussion
TOPIC: Cutting Edge
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor:
Raffle Sponsor:
August 23, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Tom Stalf
TOPIC: Columbus Zoo
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor: CVB – Tina Knotts
Raffle Sponsor:
September 27, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Jason Comstock
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor: Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Raffle Sponsor:
October 25, 2017 – Tentative Joint Association Meeting REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Joint Association Meeting – Member Benefits
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor: SOCA
Raffle Sponsor:
November 29, 2017 REGULAR MEETING 8:00am
Keynote speaker: Chaz Freutel & Duane Hammer
Der Dutchman
445 S. Jefferson Ave., Plain City, OH 43064
Breakfast Sponsor: Richwood Bank & Edgewater Place Assisted Living
Raffle Sponsor:Richwood Bank & Edgewater Place Assisted Living
December 2017 No Meeting No Meeting



Shannon Dishong, Western Branch of Financial Credit Union – Plain City

Vice President
Joe Troyer, Plain City Auto Parts, LLC

Bruce Bullerman, The Richwood Banking Company

Sandy Harris, Edgewater Place Assisted Living


2016 February Agenda
2016 January Minutes
2016 January Agenda
2016 March Agenda

Richwood Area Business Association (RABA)


Richwood Area Business Association (RABA) exists to PROMOTE the business in and around the Richwood area; while ENCOURAGING those businesses to be involved within the community and CONNECT the business and services within the community as a network of support.



Date Sponsor Location
1-10-17 Parrott Implement – Rita Monroe Library
2-14-17 Mental Health and Recovery Board Library
3-14-17 eGreen Computers Richwood Marketing
4-11-17 Memorial Health – Evie Collins Richwood Marketing
5-9-17 Pat’s Print Shop – Rita Parker Library
6-13-17 Edward Jones – Cory Hixson
7-11-17 Big Brothers/Big Sisters – Lindsey Davenport Library
8-8-17 Union Co. Bd of Disabilities Richwood Marketing
9-12-17 Un. Co. CVB/Covered Bridge Festival  Library
10-10-17 Union Co. Foundation/United Way
11-14-17 Legal Shield Library
12-12-17 Richwood Bank Richwood Marketing



Cory Hixson, Edward Jones Investments

Vice President
Evie Collins, Memorial Health

Pat Hamilton, Pat’s Print Shop

Tai Wills, Richwood Bank


2016 RABA Meeting Dates
January 2016 Agenda
January 2016 Minutes
February 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Agenda
April 2016 Minutes
May 2016 Agenda
May 2016 Treasurers Report

Union County Safety Council (UCSC)


To provide a forum to network and study safety, health and wellness issues that affect the quality of life and productivity of employees of businesses and government agencies operating within Union County.

Guiding Principles

Information:   Through the power of knowledge…we can make a difference.
Cooperation:   As a team, we are much stronger.
Motivation:      To create the inspiration to make tomorrow better than today.

Steering Committee Members

Brian Dostanko, President
Rachel Gwilliams, Secretary
Johanna Foucher
Jim Fuller
Robert McClintock
Craig Marker
Debbie Murphy
Cynthia VanderRoest
Dan Wade

Angie Venable, Safety Council Manager, Union County Chamber



UCSC Newsletter January 2018
UCSC Newsletter December 2017
UCSC Newsletter November 2017
UCSC Newsletter October 2017
UCSC Newsletter September 2017
UCSC Newsletter August 2017
UCSC Newsletter June 2017
UCSC Newsletter May 2017

UCSC Newsletter April 2017
UCSC Newsletter March 2017
UCSC Newsletter February 2017
UCSC Newsletter January 2017

On behalf of Gov. John R. Kasich and myself, thank you for all you do to keep Ohio’s workforce safe and healthy. Working together, we can continue to prevent workplace injuries and return injured workers back to the job as safely and quickly as possible.

To further our efforts, we have some exciting developments to share with you. Below, you’ll find a hyperlink to a video outlining the details. While I believe the message will be relevant throughout the summer, its reference to the $1 billion in rebate checks currently being printed makes it more relevant in the next few weeks. So, I ask you to share this video with your members.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to do that.

·         Playing it at an upcoming meeting
·         Adding the link to your council’s website
·         Including the link in your electronic publications

About Prospective Billing
Prospective Billing Key Dates
Safety Council Special Programs

Union County Healthcare Providers


The mission of the HCPA is to enhance Union County Health Care and Health Care Business through communication, education and awareness to health care consumers, health care businesses and public entities.

Please feel free to join us & help spread the word by bringing a friend.

For those new to the UCHCPA, meetings are generally scheduled the fourth Tuesday of each month from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Chamber Office. Larger scale educational or awareness events will be held two to three times a year. For more information about the UCHCPA, please contact the Chamber Offices or e-mail anyone on the Executive Committee.


UCHCPA Executive Committee

Rick Roush
Union County Health Department

Vice President
Holly Zweizig
Mental Health & Recovery Board of Union County


Elizabeth Mosser
Schulze, Howard & Cox, Attorneys at Law

Natalie Dorn
Brookdale – Marysville


January 26, 2016 UCHCPA Minutes
November 24, 2015 UCHCPA Agenda
March 24, 2015 UCHCPA Minutes
February 24, 2015 UCHCPA Minutes
January 27, 2015 UCHCPA Minutes
January 2015 UCHCPA Agenda

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