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The Union County Chamber of Commerce has the responsibility of enhancing the economic, civic, and cultural growth of the area, and to act as a voice of the various businesses. This goal will be accomplished through the involvement and support, including both participation and financial commitment, of the membership.

The goals of the Union County Chamber of Commerce will be accomplished through the involvement, support and financial commitment of the membership.

YOU are the Chamber.


Professional Networking Opportunities

Invitations To All Business Association Meetings

Members are encourage to attend all business association meetings regardless of their business location. There are four Business Associations – Industrial Parkway Association (IPA), Marysville Business Association (MBA), Plain City Business Association (PCBA) and Richwood Area Business Association (RABA).

Golf Outings

Networking opportunities are available through Chamber & Chamber related golf outings.  The Industrial Parkway Association Golf Outing is in July and the Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament is held the first Friday in August.ADDITIONAL BENEFITS

Leadership Institute

Chamber members are eligible for selection to the Leadership Institute where class members study issues that affect businesses and the quality of life in UnionCounty.

Small Business Counseling Service

Counseling is available for individuals starting a business or those in business who desire assistance from experienced professionals.

Group Health Insurance & Worker’s Compensation

Group health insurance and workers compensation coverage is available at a discount to Chamber members who qualify.

Blue View Vision – Better Health Is In Sight

What if doctors worked together to help your employees achieve better health? At Anthem, they do. Only Anthem paves the way for two-way communication between eye doctors and primary care doctors. We help them work together, share information and coordinate care – all through one company. So your employees benefit from an approach that makes the eye exam far less routine.

This means if an eye doctor finds a high-risk condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure during a routine eye exam, they can share that information with the member’s primary care doctor. The information is tracked in an electronic health record so your employees get the follow-up care and support they need.

It’s All Connected

When you choose Anthem’s vision and health plans, you can get:

– Two-way communication between network eye care and health care provider

– Care alerts to help employees manage ongoing health problems like diabetes and heart disease

– Nurse coaches to help employees stay on top of their conditions

– Potential health care cost savings”, since this could also be true if they get the 1.4% Chamber discount.

At Anthem, we help connect the information – and all of our network providers – so they can all see eye to eye on our members’ care.

Find out more at or contact your broker or your chamber representative.

Superior Dental Care

Superior Dental Care (SDC) has been leading the way in dental benefits since 1986. Our SOCA dental plans, available exclusively to Chamber members, are designed for sole proprietors and groups with 50 or less eligible employees.  These specially-rated plans offer superior dental coverage, discounts of up to 11%, and access to the largest network of quality dental care access points throughout the region. Plus, all SDC dental plans include an EyeMed vision discount plan for members and access to an online HR compliance resource for companies – all at no additional charge!

Savings on Electricity

As a member of the Union County Chamber, you are entitled to a discounted rate on your electric bill from DPL Energy Resources.  This rate is lower than their standing commercial offers and is not available to non-chamber members.

The Chamber has also created an opportunity for your employees to receive a discounted rate on their residential electric service.  This is an additional benefit of your membership, and will help your employees pay less than DP& L Energy’s standing rate.

Click here to download a PDF with information on how to save on your electricity bill.

Go to our website to sign up for both offers

Southern Ohio Alliance

Small Group Preferred Plans.

Notary Service & Certificates of Origin Seals

City & County Maps

Free city/county maps are available for members that also include street locations of the City of Marysville and the Villages of Union County.

Membership Plaque

All new members receive a membership plaque and window cling to display and are introduced in the Chamber newsletter.